About The Website

In this website, we take you behind the bright green door of Number 9, where you will find a fantastic family, and in the garden, up inside the Treehouse that they built, a happy team of friends called The Genies.
These characters and stories first appeared in our successful musical story App that has captured tens of thousands since its launch in December 2014. (FREE to download for iPad only, see the link for more details)
We wanted to throw open the doors of Number 9 to those who don’t have an iPad, and to charities that may want to add to our happy gang of Genies with some characters of their own.
We still hope to showcase our Genies and their stories in a book that we would love to place into schools, and are working hard to make that happen.

About the Creators

We are Sara and Karen, the creators of The Treehouse at Number 9. Behind all of our work at Marble Studios is our belief in the power of using our illustrated stories for good. Which is why we decided to take The Treehouse at Number 9 and adapt and enrich it to raise awareness for the children’s charity Jeans 4 Genes.
We chose to go straight to market as a musical audio book and have since taken the story into schools. We use the Genies in the classroom to celebrate and investigate difference with the children, using our characters to allow them to look at themselves and all the things they find both easy and hard. Our use of these characters and the underlying challenges of each of our Genies in these sessions, allows us to demonstrate another of our beliefs first hand:

that children are fantastic at accepting difference no matter what form it takes.

Children are taught to tolerate, but here in our Treehouse, we don’t really like that word. We have always found that if you introduce difference to children of all ages, through story and character, they will naturally accept and embrace it.
The Treehouse at Number 9 is a series that focuses on some ordinary heroes, who happen to have a few differences.
We all have differences though, some small, some more obvious, and in the Treehouse we celebrate these because life is for living and The Genies are here to show us how.
They are the kid next door, the friend of your friend, and you can find them waiting for you in The Treehouse at Number 9.